Friday, 3 August 2012

Climbing Errigal (An Earagail)

An Earagail or Errigal is County Donegal's highest peak at 751 metres (2,464 ft). I climbed the mountain many times in my youth and decided that I would do so again this year. But our Irish Summer has turned out to be disappointing so far and I waited three months for a suitable weekend. I visited the Gaoth Dobhair area in North West Donegal last weekend to attempt the climb but there was yet more wind and rain instead of sunshine and blue skies. With time running out on Sunday evening I looked towards this majestic volcano shaped mountain and pondered ... will I, won't I ?

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Valerie said...

How brave is that? Well done. You are to be commended for attempting it in doubtful conditions. The views are spectacular, but the one looking down gave me an idea of how dangerous it could be if the weather turned really bad. I don't even know how you managed to climb so high.