Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Rambles Around Leeson Street

My good Blog friend Gaelikaa a Dubliner who is married and living in India commented on my blog on Sunday that she used to work in Leeson Park many years ago. So when I found myself in that part of the city this morning with half an hour to spare I decided to take some photos. These are in the Lower Leeson Street area, a stones throw from Leeson Park. Ironically I was based in this area myself when I came to Dublin in 1991 and the Kiosk in my collage holds particularly fond memories for me (and yes Gaelikaa the same man - a little greyer of course, is still there running that business, I spotted him this morning).
In my collage
Top left: The Grand Canal looking west from Leeson Bridge.
Top right: The Bank Building.
Bottom right: Lower Leeson Street looking towards Stephen's Green.
Bottom left: The Kiosk at Leeson Bridge.


faye said...

Thanks for a peek into your world.
One of these days I must cross the
big pond and see the sights.

Valerie said...

Very nice pictures. I particularly like the look of the kiosk.

Blogaire said...

Funny enough Val the lovely little Kiosk started life as a public toilet!
Oh and how I wold love to see the US Faye! Route 66 for definite. Some day, some day!