Sunday, 10 May 2009



Wonder Turquette said...

Buddha with a price ticket in his hand! Is that a contradiction or the truth about bouddhism and other religions? (Personally I’m very very distant to all religions).

maja m.miusow said...

maybe Buddha as a piece of art, and that explains the price ticket, real bouddhists are much less greedy than let's say catolic people. btw Blogaire- U have bigger audience than me, Im extremely jealous:P

Blogaire said...

You were very observant to notice the price tag on the Buddha - with a good reduction by the way! In Ireland organized religions are competing for an ever dwindling number of believers. We were once a catholic country with a sizable protestant minority. Now, although most people declare themselves as Christians they are so only by name and very few attend church services on a regular basis. Ironically, only among our "New Irish" - Polish, African and other immigrants has there been an increase in church attendance. Polish people flock to Polish Masses, Nigerians are "born-again" Christians,the Eastern Orthodox church is doing very well and the two Mosques seem to be very busy.
Maybe religion is a "comfort" when you are far away from your homeland?