Monday, 11 May 2009

Losing My Religion


valeria said...

It's a great idea to convert churches into cafés, shops and restaurants, rather than having them closed and falling apart. The point is not their bcoming something else, rather the fact that they were "abandoned" before, don't you think?

Blogaire said...

Well they are beautiful buildings and the great thing is they have been renovated very imaginatively. In a strange way you can still feel like you are in a holy place when you go there so maybe God hasn't really abandoned them. Later I will take some photo's from inside to show how they retained some original features and made use of them.
As a matter of interest Valeria most of the skilled craftsmen who built the Irish churches came from Italia. Some of them decided to stay here and for some reason found a new vocation, first making ice cream and later they started Takeaway restaurants selling Fish & Chips and now the majority of what we call "chippers" in Ireland are Italian - sometimes 2nd or 3rd generation. And most of them originated from one area - north of Napoli, south of Roma!