Monday, 23 November 2009

Botanic Gardens - The Squirrels


Protege said...

So cute.;) I grew up with the brown squirrels in Tatra mountains. In NC there was a multitude of grey ones, all over DUKE campus, they were a very common sight. Just walking through it you saw at least 10.;)
As far as I know, they do become dormant in the winter.;)
Great pictures.;)

Valerie said...

My squirrels are still running around. It's still very mild here, and very damp.
Love your collages, which software do you use?

valeria said...

I was in London last year and I was so amazed by the massive number of squirrels that ran down from trees in the parks! Nothing like it in Italy...alas!

Blogaire said...

They are beautiful little animals and these ones are really tame and will accept nuts from your hand.
I don't use any spectacular software programme, just Google's free one Picasa. It's handy enough for an amateur like me, and easy to use.

Valerie said...

Thanks for the reply. I have Picasa, obviously not examined it's full potential. Since changing laptop I'm having to start again with some of the picture progs.