Sunday, 15 November 2009


Today I visited Malahide, a small affluent coastal village in north County Dublin, about 30 minutes drive from the city. There has been a settlement at Malahide (Mullach Íde in Gaeilge meaning the Hill of the Hydes) since ancient times. The Vikings landed in 795AD and the Danes settled here in 897AD. In 1185 the Normans were in control of Dublin and from the 12 th century the castle at Malahide was developed by the Talbot family who remained in residence until the 1970's. The village developed in the early 19th century and the small harbour was used to import coal and timber. Flax was grown locally and the stain it left on walls as it was being dried gave the name to the area of the town still known as "Yellow Walls". The Grand Hotel was built in 1835 in anticipation of the arrival of the railway which started service in 1844. This, along with the development of the Malahide Sea Baths, put Malahide on the map for visitors from Dublin and beyond.
Malahide is famous for it's vitality. A village stroll will reveal a great choice of dining, entertainment and shopping experiences. The town is also a winner of the national Tidy Towns competition.
In my photo montage, from top left clockwise are: Malahide Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, the train station and catholic church, the entrance to the village from the Dublin side(and yes the lady on the bicycle really IS carrying a dog), maritime themed monument in the park (with typical teenager having fun((while impressing his "Mott"- Dublinese for girlfriend)), street view and The Grand Hotel.


gaelikaa said...

Wow, you can really write, Blogaire, and your combined word/picture post was wonderful.

It was great to see your comment over at mine this morning. It's great to get more info on home stuff. I didn't know the Roma where in Dublin these days, although we always had the Travellers. Like I said, it's like visiting home every day!

Protege said...

Thank you for the sightseeing of this lovely part of your country.
I am always fascinated by the fact that the Danes and the Vikings ruled Dublin once; I also posted about the Sea Stallion from Roskilde, that was built here once long time ago.
Lovely pictures!