Saturday, 7 November 2009


My Chinese friends Sammy and YuYu brought me a wonderful tea pot from China AND told me about a little tea shop they had discovered in Berkeley Street called Organic Flower Power. Yesterday I called in to have a look and discovered a little mecca, with 140 different varieties of tea from around the world.
"Tea is one of life's great pleasures; it is low in caffeine, has no calories, improves your mood, disposition and blood circulation. Above all its a quick and relaxing escape from the hectic pace of modern life..."
So I purchased a loose green flavored tea from China called Milky Way which I will enjoy over the next few days. And no doubt I will be back there to sample more of the many delights on offer.


gaelikaa said...

Bewleys? Or what?

Valerie said...

I was only in Bewleys once so can't remember if there were such displays in there. I remember a lovely palm plant that wanted to fan my coffee. I liked this collage very much.

Protege said...

I bet the scent in that store must be out of this world.;)
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.;)

Blogaire said...

Lazy me - I am only completing my post now by adding words to the photo I uploaded last night.
Bewleys are famous here in Dublin of course for their tea and coffee, but this Tea Room in Berkeley Road is only new. And yes there are amazing scents in there, with tea's from all over the globe. They also sell tea pots and caddy's and the staff are extremely helpful and informative.

patty said...

my idea of heaven