Wednesday, 14 October 2009

DeLorean DMC-12

I spotted this rare DeLorean in Cabra. While it is not in pristine condition this 1981 car is still very much a collector's item as only about 9000 were built at the company's factory in Dunmurry, County Antrim in 1981 and 1982, most of which were exported to the USA.
The company was founded by American entrepreneur John deLorean and his car was unusual in that it had gull-wing doors. The DMC was not an instant success and the company soon ran into financial difficulties and production ceased. But today they are sought after because of their rarity and unusual design.
A modified version of the car featured in the movie "Back to the Future" as a time machine.


Protege said...

That is a cool car, the design is almost timeless. I had no idea this one was featured in the *Back to the future* movies.;) But you can almost tell.;)

Nelson Litchford said...

Timeless, indeed. Whenever this car hits the road, it somehow calls out a statement in the line of "Hey, I'm a collector's item. I'm rare, old-school, and used as a time machine!" The model is put into production once again, but the 6,500 owners of the original model still bring the past to the present.