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Ringsend (część trzecia)

The river Dodder flows through Ringsend. The Dodder is one of the three main Dubin rivers, the others being the Liffey, of which the Dodder is the largest tributary, and the Tolka.

Venezia eat your heart out

Soviet style social housing on the banks of the river Dodder

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Ringsend Village, Dublin

 On a grey/gray Sunday in November

Ringsend Library

Ringsend Library was one of four public libraries built during the 1930's by Dublin Corporation in the suburbs of Dublin. The simple building has Art Deco styling around the doors and simple modern window treatments.
The library was designed by Robert S. Lawrie, who was a Scottish architect in the firm of Dublin city Architects Horace O’Rourke during the 1930s. He later returned to Scotland to take up the appointment of County Architect for Fife.

 St. Patrick's Church
(I once saw Pierse Brosnan getting married here. But it was only a movie!)

(the boy in the window)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Divinity Hair Salon

The unusual reception desk in Divinity Hair & Beauty Salon in Bolton Street

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