Sunday, 28 April 2013

If a tree falls in the forest ... written by Paul

If a tree falls in the forest - and there’s no one around to hear it - does it make a sound?
Surely the real question is “why is there no one around?”
Where are the ramblers and the hill walkers?  
Where are the Sunday strollers?  
Where are the horse riders, taking their mounts from the soulless open field they’ve stood in all week up to the majestic soulful mountain forests?  
Where are the mountain bikers, risking life and limb with breakneck descents or straining on the impossible climbs of their carefully mapped trails?  
Where are the young families who bring their children to the wonderland of dear and squirrels and rabbits and foxes?  
Where are the kids who don’t walk in the woods but actually explore the jungles hunting bear and tiger and wolf? 
Where are the cowboys and the indians, the wizards and the dragon slayers? 
Where are the fairy queens and the sleeping beauties? 
Where are the artists, the writers, the musicians, the poets who come to fill their souls with the spirit of the land and speak to the muse?  
Where are the lovers who escape the glare of the city and find the silence to allow their hearts beat loudly together?  
Where are the people who come to speak to their loved ones passed on because the pain is too great in their homes or “life” does not go on without a place to grieve?
Is there no one around because the people entrusted with management of their country have betrayed their people and, for the price of a treasonous signature, have sold the land to faceless, soulless, heartless corporations who erect signs telling you you're now on Private Property?
Is there no one around because the government care nothing about the land and less about the people?
Because Taoisigh,Ministers and Public Servants have no hesitation in RAPING their own country, and when they have taken what they can have no hesitation in PROSTITUTING out the carcass of the ancient land of their fathers to the highest bidder.
Neither will they hesitate to pursue, prosecute, convict and incarcerate any man, woman or child who trespasses on private property which once they owned as citizens of a sovereign nation.
Is there no one around because our public servants do not serve the public, but serve themselves in a continuous orgy of money worship and abuse of power?
If we do nothing to stand against this unholy destruction of our beautiful country our children will not be asking “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make a sound?” ……. Our children and our grandchildren will be asking us …
Daddy, what was it like to walk in a forest?”
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