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The Irish Chieftain sculpture, near Boyle in County Roscommon

'The Gaelic Chieftain' sculpture by Maurice Harron.

The Battle of Curlew Pass was fought on the 15th of August 1599, during the campaign of the Earl of Essex in the Nine Years' War, between an English force under Sir Conyers Clifford and a rebel Irish force led by Hugh Roe O'Donnell. The English were ambushed and routed while marching through a pass in the Curlew Mountains, near the town of Boyle, in northwestern Ireland. The English forces suffered heavy casualties. Losses by allied Irish forces were not recorded but were probably minimal.

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The Four Courts of Dublin

In the background (center), the controversial Dublin Civic Offices buildings created by Sam Stephenson

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Dublin as seen from Ticknock Woods

Today was "National Walk in the Woods Day", a day of walks, picnics, poetry and music in Ireland's woods ... Our woods and forests are under threat of being sold as part of a Government/Troika deal to raise revenue

Friday 7 June 2013