Sunday, 8 August 2010

The window display gives you an idea of the wide variety of books on sale in Book Value and as you can see the prices are very reasonable indeed.
I am always reading a book - or sometimes two at the same time, but I am not a prolific reader, perhaps averaging a book every 10 days.
One of the most famous (and controversial) books ever written is Ulysses by James Joyce, and although the author was Irish most Irish people have never read it. The book was banned here of course for many years as it was also in the United States and in the UK. Like one of those unfulfilled ambitions I always knew I had to tackle Ulysses some day. So when I saw a copy in Book Value for just €2.99 I could not resist buying it. Apparently it is a challenging book to read, so I am going to take my time and just dip into it now and again.

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steviewren said...

I'm impressed. I'm afraid it's too challenging for me.