Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Spring - almost there!

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Valerie said...

I've had enough of our awful winter so it does my heart good to see spring flowers. Nice to see you in blogland again. Hope all is well.

Maja Miusow said...

no kidding, at least not in Poland. here its so freezing!

faye said...

Florida had the mildest winter..
I wanted just a tad more .
Spring for me is a return to
mowing the yard ( 5 acres )
and I am not liking that so much.

Zuzana said...

Welcome back dear friend - stunning image! You are so much further ahead of us.;) We are back under snow again and spring has been put on hold.;) Hope all is well with you, it was nice to see you visiting.;)

steviewren said...

I see green! Isn't it glorious? It has been warm here this week. The temps climbed up into the 70s today(21C). It will probably get cold again, but it is nice and welcome while it lasts.